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Amazon Has Suspended 50 Employees Following A Staten Island Warehouse Fire

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According to the still-unrecognized labor union for the Staten Island, New York, warehouse, Amazon has suspended 50 employees. The action was taken as a result of the workers staging a walkout after a fire caused hazardous working conditions. On Monday evening, about 100 workers held a march through the warehouse. After the fire, they demanded to be paid and transported to their homes in a trash compactor.

Employees told the media that the warehouse was smoky and unsafe for them to work in. JFK8’s Amazon Labor Union announced on Twitter that “over 50 workers who were involved in last night’s walkout” had been suspended by management.

Employee Brett Daniels stated, “There was absolutely no message from Amazon, so we just all showed up to work in a dangerous environment without being informed.” “We were not given any evidence that the workplace was secure.” They simply instructed us to push through it someone else revealed it. The fire department “certified the building is safe,” an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement. “At that point, we asked all night shift employees to report to their regularly scheduled shift.”

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