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Amazon Forest Cover Four Times The Size Of Manhattan Destroyed on Dec 2022: Report

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Amazon Forest

Amazon Forest

According to government statistics on Friday, deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon jungle rose by a startling 150 percent in December compared to the same time the previous year. In any case, December was Jair Bolsonaro’s final month in the White House. Almost four times the size of Manhattan, or over 218.4 square kilometers, of forest cover, were reportedly lost in just one month, according to the DETER surveillance program of the national space agency.

Comparatively, the amount of deforestation in December 2021 was 87.2 square kilometers. Experts claim that it is apparent from the significant contrast in the amount of forest destroyed that Bolsonaro’s administration harmed the Amazon, popularly known as the “world’s lungs.”

Bolsonaro damaged the Amazon rainforest with his irresponsible development plans. Deforestation in the Amazon increased 75.5% during his reign compared to the previous ten years. The previous Bolsonaro administration cut back on funding for environmental organizations, which also affected how well they could fight crime and issued ecological fines. Experts claim that under Bolsonaro, farmers and ranchers might harm the forest without suffering repercussions.

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who assumed the presidency earlier this week when the far-right leader stepped down, faces a challenging assignment to undo the harm done over the previous four years. There is optimism, nevertheless, based on his prior performance.

Deforestation significantly decreased under Lula’s former president of Brazil, which lasted from 2003 to 2010. He was the initiator of the “Amazon Fund” for forest preservation. The reactivation of the Amazon Fund’s governing board was one of Lula’s first executive orders after taking office. On Wednesday, Norway, one of the fund’s most prominent supporters, announced the renewal of the campaign to support the preservation of the forest under Lula’s leadership.

“Brazil’s new President has signalled a clear ambition to stop deforestation by 2030,” said Espen Barth Eide, Norwegian minister of climate and environment, before adding, “He has reinstated strategies to make this happen, and appointed ministers with substantial knowledge and expertise in the area.”

In the short time he has been in office, Lula has repealed past government policies and reinstated the country’s deforestation prevention initiatives.

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