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Airtel network and internet service down; company regrets inconvenience

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            Airtel subscribers in India are apparently experiencing connectivity troubles in a number of locations, including major cities such as Mumbai and Delhi.

Many people from around India have taken to Twitter to complain outages in Airtel’s network. Downdetector, an internet outage tracking service, has also reported that the outage is affecting Airtel customers in several regions of the nation. According to the information on Downdetector, the problem appears to have occurred approximately 11 a.m.

According to Downdetector, around 3,729 people in India reported a connection disruption as of 11:18AM. Many customers have reported that this is the second time this month that they have encountered this problem.

Airtel has recognised the outage, and according to a fresh tweet from the telecom carrier, services are now back to normal in all impacted zones.

According to Downdetector, the outage affected numerous major cities in India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and Kolkata, among others.

This comes just a few days after a similar outage in which Airtel competitor Jio experienced disruption in a few sections of the Mumbai region.

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