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Airport officers in Delhi recover an unclaimed suitcase containing narcotics worth Rs 15 crore

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            On Sunday, Customs authorities at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport seized an unclaimed luggage containing ‘cocaine pills’ worth Rs 15 crore, according to an official.

The officer went on to say that a case had been filed and that attempts were being made to find the accused who had abandoned the bag.

The incident was uncovered on February 9, according to officials, when 52 capsules were seized in a polybag during a customs examination of the region.

“The capsules were opened, and the retrieved material suspected of containing drugs was subjected to a diagnostic test; on the surface, it looked to be a commercial quantity of cocaine. This resulted in the discovery of a total of 870 grammes of unclaimed narcotic material”, According to the Customs officer.

“It is a crime punishable by Sections 21, 23, and 29 of the NDPS Act. A narcotic drug presumed to be cocaine, as well as concealing material, was confiscated in accordance with Section 43 (a) of the NDPS Act. Further investigation into the situation is underway in order to identify the carrier of the aforementioned narcotic material”, said the official

The CCTV footage is being analysed by officials in order to learn more about the accused.

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