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Airlines handover to Tata son’s soon

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Tata’s son took control over airlines in bidding in October last year. It is expected Airlines will be handed over to Tata son’s any day after Republic. The airlines officials said to a message is sent to the employees to close all the balance sheet and to submit it before Monday. “The closing balance sheet as of 20th January has to be provided today (Monday) 24th January so that it can be reviewed by Tatas and any changes can be effected on Wednesday,” the message said. It added the next three days will be hectic and requested the airline employees to give their best before the airline gets divested. “We may have to work late in the night to complete the task given to us,” the message said while seeking the cooperation of the employees.

“We cannot confirm a date, but the final handover has to happen this week,” said an Air India official

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