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Air India flight left Mumbai for Bucharest, Romania, to rescue Indians stuck in Ukraine

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            On Saturday morning, an Air India jet took out from Mumbai for Bucharest, Romania, to rescue Indians who had become stuck in Ukraine as a result of Russia’s military onslaught.

According to top government authorities, the aircraft, AI1943, took departure from the Mumbai airport about 3.40 a.m. and is due to land at the Bucharest airport around 10 a.m. (Indian Standard Time).

Indian people who have crossed the Ukraine-Romania border by road are being transported to Bucharest by Indian government officials in order for them to be evacuated aboard an Air India flight, they said. On Saturday, Air India would run additional flights to Bucharest and Budapest, Hungary, to remove Indians who have become stuck in Ukraine.

On Saturday, Air India will fly B787 aircraft from Delhi and Mumbai to Bucharest and Budapest as part of a special government charter trip to bring stranded Indian resident’s home. According to officials, around 20,000 Indians, mostly students, are presently trapped in Ukraine. On February 22, Air India operated a single trip to the Ukrainian city of Kyiv, returning 240 passengers to India. Since the morning of February 24, Ukraine’s airspace has been blocked to civil aircraft operations. “At the moment, teams are assembling at the following checkpoints: Chop-Zone Hungarian border near Uzhhorod, Porubne-Siret Romanian border near Chernivtsi”, the statement added.

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