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Air India Again buys 220 Boeing Aircraft

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Air India Boeing Aircraft

Air India Boeing Aircraft

Air India is going to buy 220 Boeing aircraft, again after 250 Airbus planes, the White House announced on Tuesday. The airline also has options to add 70 Boeing aircraft total of 290 jets. After an extended period, this was an Aircraft acquisition by air India after it was lastly taken by Tata group last year. Tata Group’s Air India inked multi-billion deals with France’s Airbus and American plane-marker Boeing to buy 470 passengers aircraft, its most extensive commercial aviation history. 

Air India on Twitter, Ready to take off with 20 Boeing 787s and 10 Boeing 777-9s widebody aircraft, and 190 Boeing 737 MAX single-aisle aircraft. The B777/787s will be powered by GE Aerospace, and B737 Max by CFM International.

#ReadyForMore @BoeingAirplanes @GE_Aerospace @GEIndia @CFM_engines

“Historic Agreement between Tata-Owned airlines and Boeing,” said US President Joe Biden on Tuesday. 

US President Joe Biden said in a statement by the White House, “I am proud to announce today the purchase of over 200 American- made aircraft through a historic agreement between Air India and Boeing. This purchase will support over one million American jobs across 44 states, and many will not require a four-year college degree.”

Here are PM Narendra Modi’s and Boeing Airlpane’s tweets’ wishes on Twitter.

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