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After an explosion in Bihar’s Bhagalpur, seven people were killed and several more were injured

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            An explosion in Bihar’s Bhagalpur area killed at least seven people, including a toddler, and wounded many more.

According to accounts, the event occurred on Thursday night in a residence inside the jurisdiction of the Tatarpur police station.

The news agency ANI published a few images from the scene, revealing that the bomb had a massive impact, as surrounding houses fell and were turned to rubble. According to reports, the incident entirely destroyed three dwellings.

‘7 people were killed and numerous more were injured in an explosion at Tatarpur police jurisdiction in Bhagalpur district’. It appears that the family was involved in the manufacture of firecrackers. Several residences have been damaged. ‘We are looking at it further’, said Subrat Kumar Sen, DM of Bhagalpur.

All of the injured have been sent to a local hospital for treatment. Furthermore, efforts are being made to clear the area of debris.

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