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Russian strike on the Mykolaiv base, victims were rescued from the ruins

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            Appalling images have emerged from a military outpost in Mykolaiv, Ukraine’s southernmost region.

According to Belgian reporter Robin Ramaekers, who visited the scene this morning, at least 80 victims had been retrieved from the wreckage, with “many more underground”.

Ukrainian officials have not confirmed the death toll since it affects a military location.

Last night, video from the scene showed a little child being dragged from the wreckage; her health is unknown.

Here are some images from Mykolaiv that Ramaekers, a correspondent for the Flemish public broadcaster VTM, took this morning. “They’re still looking for bodies here in Mykolaiv, and there’s another air raid sound, so everyone down the bomb shelters”, he adds.

Oleksandr Senkevich, the mayor of Mykolaiv, stated there was no time to activate air raid sirens before the strike since missiles were launched from the adjacent Kherson area to the south-east.

Russian army recently took the Kherson region after invading Ukraine from Russian-annexed Crimea.

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