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Aftab Moved Shraddha’s Body Parts To A Cupboard After Bringing A New Girlfriend Home

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Days after killing his #live-in girlfriend and bringing another woman to his apartment with the body parts still in a fridge, according to the police, Aftab #Ameen Poonawala allegedly killed his girlfriend, dismembered her body, and dumped the pieces across Delhi.

The authorities are looking into whether he had #Shraddha’s body parts in the flat when he brought other women home and whether any of them served as a catalyst for the murder. According to sources, the police may request information about his profile on the dating app Bumble. Shraddha Walkar, 26, and Aftab Poonawala, 28, first connected on Bumble. Before their three-year relationship which began in Mumbai ended in a gruesome murder in Delhi in May, they were together for three years.

According to police sources, Aftab Poonawala met a new woman on the same app and began dating her about 15 to 20 days after he is accused of killing Shraddha. While the remains of Shraddha’s body were still in the apartment, he routinely took the woman home. Shraddha’s body parts, which he had dismembered into 35 pieces and disposed of one by one, were still in the 300-liter refrigerator he had purchased shortly after the murder.

However, sources claim that when he brought his new partner home, he put the components to a cabinet. In April, Aftab Poonawala and Shraddha Walkar relocated to Delhi. He is accused of strangling Shraddha on May 18 after one of their frequent arguments over Shraddha’s desire for marriage turned violent.

Before dissecting Shraddha’s body, Aftab, a trained chef, allegedly googled “anatomy” and tips for cleaning up bloodstains. The knife he is said to have used is still being sought by the police. Aftab allegedly used Shraddha’s Instagram account to communicate with her friends while trying to hide Shraddha’s murder. When her phone was off for more than two months, her friends started to wonder what was going on.

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