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Africa’s ‘Largest’ Female Tusker, Dida, Dies In Kenya

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Female Tusker

Female Tusker

At the Tsavo East National Park in Kenya, Dida, a magnificent female elephant who was between 60 and 65 years old, passed away from old age. Dida, who flourished on the Kenyan grasslands and was reputed to be Africa’s largest female tusker, came to represent the enhanced status of her species in African wildlife. Dida displayed her long tusks and tough tusker skin for both visitors and Kenyan residents, living far longer than was typical for an elephant in the wild.

“Dida was a magnificent reservoir of many decades’ worth of knowledge and a genuinely iconic matriarch of the Tsavo. She led her through many seasons and difficult times. She was both the focus of several films and a well-known tourist destination, according to Kenya Wildlife Service.” Dida, according to the environmental protection organization Tsavo Trust, was “a real personification of an iconic cow (female elephant)”.

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) posted pictures of the now-deceased tusker along with the statement, “She died from natural causes related to old age having had a full life.” Dida’s death “due to old age” occurs as Kenya experiences its worst drought in 40 years, endangering both human and animal survival. According to a UN assessment published on October 23, over 90% of water supplies in some areas had dried up.

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