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Adorable: Baby In The Womb Reacts To Food Flavors

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Baby in Womb

Baby in Womb

A new study found that human embryos can taste flavors from their mothers’ food and may not like everything they eat. Researchers employed four-dimensional (4D) ultrasound technology to record the facial expressions of fetuses aged 32 to 36 weeks who were given either carrot or kale tastes. 

Researchers initially examined frame-by-frame facial movements in response to maternal feeding in this study. The “laughter-face” pattern was more common in fetuses given carrot flavor, while the “cry-face” pattern was more common in fetuses given kale flavor.

Touch is the first sense to develop in a developing newborn. The developing fetus’s cheeks and lips normally respond to touch by eight weeks, followed by other body parts by 14 weeks. Following that are hearing and taste. Garlic, vanilla, mint, and carrot are just a few of the flavors that have been shown to reach the amniotic fluid that infants dwell in and eat; in the experiment, one cohort of expecting moms consumed daily portions of carrot juice, while the other avoided it. After the infants began eating solid food, the researchers served them water-flavored cereal or cereal flavored with carrot juice. Babies who had amniotic fluid-containing carrots ate a larger portion of carrot-flavored cereal.

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