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Adenovirus in West Bengal: How To Prevent It 

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Adenovirus in West Bengal

Adenovirus in West Bengal

Adenovirus in west Bengal is an infectious disease that has claimed several lives. You need to know about the condition to prevent it. After all these covid and dengue, adenovirus is a significant concern in several countries worldwide. This illness has taken away the lives of 11 children in West Bengal, and more cases are filed daily. Health officials in the city have requested people take care of the children with proper care and precautions and look out for the symptoms to safeguard their children and themselves from the disease.

Symptoms Of Adenovirus;

Adenovirus can cause mild to severe illness. According to the US centers for disease control and prevention, adenovirus infections can result in significant conditions in those with respiratory or cardiac disease, weakening their immune systems. You may experience these symptoms; Cough, Common Cold, Loose motions, Abdominal comfort, bloating, and Nausea.

As with other virus diseases, we see the common symptoms: the adenovirus infection, fever, and cold. These symptoms are more common in children than in adults. 

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