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Actor’s Wife Asks Elon Musk To Check His Twitter Account. Here’s Why

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Actor's Wife

Actor's Wife

On the first death anniversary of American comedian Bob Saget, his wife Kelly Rizzo requested Twitter owner Elon Musk to reinstate a checked checkmark on the late actor’s account.

Variety reported the “Full House” star’s account has not been involved since his death and lost its verified check mark sometime in the later year. His Twitter account still boasts 2.2 million followers.

“Hi, Elon Musk – today, on the one year anniversary of Bob’s passing, I saw he’s no longer verified?” Rizzo wrote on her own Twitter account.

“My husband truly loved Twitter. Out of respect for his legacy, can something be done? Thank you kindly (friends, please help),” she added.

In another tweet, Rizzo also spoke about Saget’s love for Twitter. “And the only reason I’m addressing this at all is because I know Bob would be very bummed about this,” Rizzo added. “He’d say, Hey, if someone goes to see my page and all the jokes I’ve tweeted over the years, how will they know it’s for sure me!?” Rizzo tweeted.

“One Year. Our hearts are so heavy. How could I not have talked to or seen my loving husband in a whole year? The surreal-ness never subsides,” she posted. “I’ve accepted the reality long ago but it still seems unreal when I see photos or videos of him so full of life. But there is one thing I carry with me every single day that makes this survivable. I AM THE LUCKIEST,” she wrote.

Rizzo continued, “I am the luckiest that I got to be his wife. I am the luckiest that I got to live with his warmth, and laughter, and brilliance, and love. I am the luckiest that I get to have his girls by my side. I am the luckiest that I got to watch him first hand help people, make them happy, and make the world a better place. Some people can live 1,000 lifetimes and never live a life as fully as he did. And to that I have to say, Well Done. You really won life, honey. And that is why I will be forever grateful for him and all the endless love he gave me, until my last day.”

On January 9, 2022, Bob died at 65 after being unresponsive in his hotel room in Orlando. He was staying in the city while serving comedy concerts in the area. The medical examiner ended that Saget died after falling and striking his head.

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