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According to Zelenskyy, NATO should either accept Ukraine or openly admit that it is afraid of Russia

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            President Volodymyr Zelenskyy slammed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on Tuesday, saying it is past time for the alliance to “accept Ukraine’s” membership or publicly declare that it is “scared of Russia”.

Ukraine’s President Andrii Zelenskyy wants to know what NATO’s position is on admitting Ukraine to the alliance. “NATO should either publicly admit that they are not embracing us because they are afraid of Russia, which is true”, he tells The Kyiv Independent. “A conflict would not have started if we were a NATO member. And the reaction was unequivocal: you will not be a NATO member, but the doors will stay open openly”, According to Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy. Zelenskyy also stated that he is willing to negotiate with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but warned that failing to do so may result in a “Third World War”.

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