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According to CM, departments would be directed to provide vacant positions in advance

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            Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao has declared the government’s intention to publish an annual calendar of job openings.

The government will now identify openings ahead of time, notify them, and conduct the recruiting process in a transparent way. The departments involved would be instructed to prepare information of the openings that arise each year and maintain them available for submission to the appropriate recruiting firms.

The Chief Minister launched the effort as part of his speech in the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday about a large recruiting drive to replace empty positions.

He stated that the administration had determined that notifications would be sent with enough time between them to allow job seekers to appear in all competitive tests. The High Court granted temporary orders, which slowed the process of regularising these personnel. Mr. Chandrasekhar Rao stated that Telangana had inherited a significant number of contract employees from the undivided State, and that such a big number of employees in government services was not a desirable thing.

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