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According to a Mariupol official, three people were murdered in a maternity hospital blast

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            According to the deputy mayor of the besieged city of Mariupol in southern Ukraine, three people were killed, including one infant, when Russia bombed a maternity facility on Wednesday.

At least seventeen additional people were allegedly hurt, including pregnant ladies.

“I’m certain they are aware of this institution, and this is their third hospital that they are demolishing in this city”, Sergei Orlov told the BBC.

He said that on the previous day, artillery fire damaged a 300-bed hospital specialised to treating Covid patients, as well as a blood-collection centre in Mariupol.

“I’m certain (these are their) goals”, Orlov added.

According to the World Health Organization, at least 18 distinct attacks on health institutions in Ukraine have been confirmed since the invasion began.

Russia claims that Ukrainian fighters removed employees and patients from the hospital and established fire positions there.

The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, has accused Russia of committing a war crime.

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