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A Written Copy Of Jane Austen’s Novel Emma Sells For £375,000

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An autographed copy of a Jane Austen novel, which cost £375,000, is now the most expensive piece of her writing ever sold and will be on display in the UK for the first time. The first edition of Emma, Which includes a handwritten note signed “from the author,” is sold for the highest price of any published work by the author. 

According to Peter Harrington, a rare book trader in London, It is the only presentation copy of an Austen work with a known extant. The book was addressed to Austen’s friend Anne Sharp, governess to Edward’s children, and is inscribed by the publisher rather than the author as usual.

Given its bind to Jane Austen and her brother Edward, Chawton House sprang to mind right away. The reality that Chawton House supported early women’s literature made it the perfect choice since Sharp performed as Austen’s companion, supporter, and infrequent critic.

“When we heard the book had been sold we were worried it was going to disappear to America,” said Emma Yandle, curator of Chawton House.  chief executive of Chawton House Katie Childs said that “We’re delighted such a significant work of Jane Austen’s will take its place amongst the literary treasures in our collection,”.

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