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A Russian Retreat Could Be A Trap For Kyiv In Southern Ukraine

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On November 3, a Russian-installed official in southern Ukraine stated that it is likely that Russian troops will withdraw from Kherson’s west bank of the Dnipro River. Civilians were asked to flee by the official. The Russian side will suffer if the retreat actually happens.

Kirill Stremousov, the Russian-installed deputy civilian administrator of the Kherson region, stated in an interview with a pro-Kremlin online media source on Thursday that “most likely our units, our soldiers, will move for the left (eastern) side.”

The Kremlin did not respond right away. Western military analysts and the Kyiv administration remain wary, saying that Russia might be preparing a trap for the advancing Ukrainian forces. Kherson City is among the locations where the Stremousov has suggested a retreat. Since encroaching on Ukraine, it is the only intact city that Russia has taken. Additionally, it comprises a portion of a dam that spans the Dnipro and regulates the water supply used to irrigate Crimea. In the past, Russia has denied that its troops intended to leave the region.

Whatever our strategy, “we have to make some really painful decisions today. And some people could be scared to recognize things,” Stremousov told the pro-Kremlin media source. “However, it is crucial for me to try and convey the message right now that everyone should head over to the east bank. You’ll be much safer in this situation,” said Stremousov.

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