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A Man from Uttar Pradesh ‘Caught’ with a Live Bullet at the Taj Hotel has been Acquitted

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The additional chief metropolitan court acquitted the 33-year-old Uttar Pradesh resident who was detained in 2016 after one live bullet was discovered in his suitcase during a search at the Taj Hotel.

On Tuesday, the court, which convicted Mohammed Furkan on January 5, issued the complete order. The prosecution was found to have failed to show its case. According to the defense, Furkan was unfairly implicated in order to safeguard the hotel’s reputation after it suffered its terrible terror incident in 2008. Sunil Pandey, his lawyer, has also claimed that the confiscated bullet was carried by an NRI visitor at the hotel.

Furkan told mid-day that his life had been ruined as a result of a crime he never committed. He added that he remembered the anguish that endured during the last six years. The career had been ruined and he was unable to find a job because of the police case.

Furkan, a citizen of Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, was in Mumbai on February 6, 2016, for an interview for a job in Saudi Arabia. He had no idea how the bullet got inside his luggage. Furkan said since he comes from poor family, no one trusted at the time. He went on to say that the truth has finally come out. He was imprisoned for a week after his arrest.

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