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A Kerala dancer has been told that she would not be able to perform because “non-Hindus are not permitted” in the temple.

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A dancer claims that the organizers of a temple festival in Kerala’s Thrissur called her on Monday and told her that “non-Hindus are not permitted” at the temple, cancelling her invitation to perform.
Mansiya VP, a Muslim-born dancer, was scheduled to perform at the Koodalmanikyam temple at Irinjalakuda’s 10-day National Festival of Dance and Music. The festival will take place from April 15 through April 25. During the event, some 800 performers are slated to perform in the temple.

“I received a phone call from the organizers informing me that I would be unable to perform. They explained that non-Hindus are not permitted in the temple when asked why. It is, as I previously stated, a national dance event. I also stated that I am a person “Mansiya was mentioned.

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