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A Japanese Astronomer’s Unbelievable Viral Footage Of A Meteorite Crashing Into The Moon

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Meteorite Crashing Into The Moon

Meteorite Crashing Into The Moon

A Japanese astronomer captured an incredible moment when a meteorite smashed into the moon’s surface, producing a crater in the natural satellite.

On February 23, a Japanese astronomer Fujii captured the massive flash of light, described as a likely ‘lunar impact flash’ as the meteorite hit the moon.

Daichi Fuji, Hiratsuka City Museum’s head of astronomy, caught the moment around 8.15 pm (11.15 GMT) from his home in Hiratsuka, Japan.

“I caught the biggest lunar impact flash in my observation history! This is a picture of the lunar impact flash that appeared at 20:14:30.8 on February 23, 2023, taken from my home in Hiratsuka (replayed at actual speed). It was a huge flash that continued shining for over 1 second. Since the moon has no atmosphere, meteors and fireballs cannot be seen, and the moment a crater is formed, it glows,” tweeted Daichi Fujii as he posted the video.

Fujii wrote, “At the time of observation, there was no artificial satellite passing over the lunar surface, and from the way it shines, it is likely a lunar impact flash.”

Fuji said the space rock seems to have hit near the Ideler L crater, a bit northwest of the moon’s Pitiscus crater.

Since he captured such a dazzling light on his camera, he stated that the ‘generated crater is large’ and the ‘striations are visible.’

He stated that the fireballs and meteors were not noticeable. However, since the moon has no atmosphere, ‘it glows’ the instant a crater is put in place.

He added, “At that time, the moon’s altitude was only seven degrees, and I was glad I could hold on until the last minute.”

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