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800,000 children are among the 2 million fleeing Ukraine, according to Save the Children

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            According to Save the Children, around 800,000 children are among the two million individuals who have fled Ukraine since Russia’s war began.

The organisation has cautioned that many of them are travelling alone and arriving alone.

“Parents are taking desperate, heart-breaking steps to safeguard their children. This includes sending their children go with neighbours and friends to seek safety outside of Ukraine, while they remain at home to safeguard their houses”, said Irina Saghoyan, an NGO representative.

We reported yesterday on one such case: Hassan, an 11-year-old child who fled his house in Zaporizhzhia on his own since his mother couldn’t leave his grandma.

He arrived in Slovakia safely after a 1,200km train ride, carrying just two little bags, his passport, and the phone numbers of his family scrawled on his hand.

More than half of the migrants from Ukraine head to Poland, followed by Hungary and Slovakia.

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