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4 members of Indian family found dead in borders of US-Canada

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            In an alleged human smuggling instance, an Indian family of four, including a new born, was discovered frozen to death near the US-Canada border.

On January 19, US officials in Minnesota near the US-Canada border encountered a group of persons who seemed to be without valid paperwork.

Based on information gathered from them, Canadian officials conducted a search and discovered four dead on the Canadian side of the border in Manitoba province.

The four persons appeared to have perished as a result of the cold during a blizzard. Indian nationals were among those without valid paperwork on the US side, as well as those who died on the Canadian side. One of them is still in the hospital with cold-related ailments.

The victim’s autopsies are expected to be performed on January 24.

Authorities in the United States have apprehended seven persons without valid paperwork, as well as one US citizen, for allegedly engaging in human smuggling from Canada.

Ajay Bisaria, India’s High Commissioner to Canada, confirmed the identity of the deceased and termed the situation as a great tragedy. “An Indian consulate team is travelling to Manitoba today from @IndiainToronto to coordinate and assist. We will collaborate with Canadian authorities to examine these troubling incidents”, he tweeted about it.

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