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Electric motor cycle: Triumph TE-1 prototype revealed

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            Triumph, a British carmaker, is preparing to launch a new electric motorbike bearing the brand’s name. Working with Williams Advanced Engineering, the business created a new electric motorbike prototype known as the TE-1.

In the following months, testing of the new prototype will commence.

The Triumph Speed Triple RS appears to have inspired the design. Its twin-pod headlamp appears to be very similar to the aforementioned type. The TE-1 is supported by a bolted subframe.

With Brembo brakes, Ohlin-sourced upside-down front forks, and a rear mono-shock, the bike appears to have been constructed for performance. In addition to the performance, the hardware contributes to the bike’s luxury appearance.

The Triumph TE-1 is powered by a 15kWh battery pack and a powertrain that includes a scalable integrated inverter, silicon carbide switching technology, and integrated cooling.

Using a 360-volt electrical system, the battery is charged from 0% to 80% in about 20 minutes. However, there are no official figures for the bike’s range or performance.

The new Triumph TE-1 will be tested both on and off the track. In the next months, the designers will take their time fine-tuning the bike for performance. The TE-1’s debut date is unclear.

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