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30-Foot Humpback Whale Washes Up At The Jersey Shore; Experts Launch Investigation 

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A humpback whale about 30 feet long cleaned up at the Jersey shore this weekend, concerning the residents and environmentalists. The Atlantic City official said the whale was found on the beach near South Mississippi Avenue on Saturday, only a few blocks from where a previous whale washed ashore. This is the third such happening in a month. 

Presently, the city has brought in scientists from the Atlantic Conservation Society to execute an autopsy that started on Sunday.

Sheila Dean, the director of the Marine Mammal Stranding Center, said, “You thoroughly go through the animal, open it up, find out what happened with each organ, if you can, if everything is still in tact.” 

As the autopsy started, Cecile Herskovitz, a resident in the nearby area, explained how the residents were uneasy with the fragrance. She said, “It is ripe.” 

Robin Shaffer from Ocean City said that living in the place for many years, he can’t recall the last time he heard or saw a whale washing up the shore. 

Some suspect the offshore wind turbine task might have to do something with the whales.

 Dean said, “They could blame maybe the Navy sonar. They could blame the fisherman. They could blame the pollution. They could blame people who throw plastic bags and still use them.”

According to Dean, it’s too early to end anything, and she said that it could even take months to gather out why this whale died. She noted that scientists have about 30 tonnes of the whale to study.

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