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World News Latest Updates: Two million houses in Japan are without electricity due to a 7.3 magnitude earthquake that has triggered a tsunami threat.

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On Wednesday night, a massive 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck east Japan, shaking the capital Tokyo. At a depth of 60 kilometres, the quake struck off the coast of the Fukushima area. For areas of the shore, a tsunami warning of one metre has been issued. More than two million homes, including 700,000 in Tokyo, were without electricity. TEPCO also stated that it was inspecting the Fukushima nuclear power plant’s operations.

Japan is located on the Pacific “Ring of Fire,” a swath of active seismicity that spans from Southeast Asia to the Pacific Ocean. The memory of the 2011 underwater quake in northeastern Japan, which generated a horrific tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear tragedy, lingers throughout the country.
Around 18,500 people were killed or went missing as a result of the tsunami.

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