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19 channels banned from YouTube under ‘anti India’ act

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            Foreign governments and social media behemoth YouTube have clamped down on anti-India proxies just ahead of Republic Day, in a significant worldwide triumph for India.

On December 21, the Government of India, through the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, banned 20 YouTube channels and two websites. YouTube has now blocked 19 of these channels internationally and taken additional action against websites that were spreading bogus news.

According to reports, the I&B Ministry is in contact with social media behemoths again, and many more YouTube channels may be suspended in the coming days.

At least three dozen YouTube channels originating in Pakistan are being actively monitored and analysed. According to sources, some of the video’s broadcast by these YouTube channels were also taped for future use. However, following the recent deactivation of 20 YouTube channels, these channels have deleted bogus anti-India content on their own.

The Indian government’s move has also alarmed Pakistan, according to an internal report from the I&B Ministry, which claims that there has been a public uproar since the action against 20 YouTube channels in December.

On December 21, the Indian government blocked 20 YouTube channels and two news websites for the first time in two attacks against online Pakistani propaganda. The authorities blocked 35 YouTube accounts, two Instagram accounts, two Twitter accounts, two websites, and a Facebook account in a second such strike on Friday.

The government has blocked 35 ‘Pakistan-based’ YouTube channels for spreading false news.

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