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18-year-old Palestinian Kills 3 Israelis in West Bank

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West Bank

West Bank

A few hours before Benjamin Netanyahu took office again with a right-wing government, a #Palestinian who killed three #Israelis near a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank was hailed as a hero by Islamists. The three victims were killed by a man who is said to have been carrying a knife in the industrial area of Ariel’s town. Later, one of the nearby soldiers fired and killed the man.

According to the officials, this incident was one of the bloodiest to happen since March of this year. Itamar Ben-Gvir, a politician from the right, tweeted about the attack in Ariel. He also demanded open-fire guidelines for the soldiers in the tweet, which said, “Only an iron fist will cut down terrorism.”

However, Arabs in Israel were worried about the growth of Ben-Gvir due to his racial rhetoric and support for an illegal Jewish terrorist group. He declared his desire to serve as police minister, and Netanyahu promised that the coalition will quickly come to a decision. Ben-Gvir asserts that he has since learned to moderate. Additionally, he has received criminal convictions.

The knifeman was identified by the Palestinian health ministry as an 18-year-old from a nearby community. The attacker began attacking people as soon as he reached the area, the government stated.

Israel claims the Palestinian Authority (PA) of being responsible for the current attack because it failed to contain the Islamist Hamas and for applauding it. The PA asserted that it cannot stop violence against Palestinians since Israel in the area has limited its authority.

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