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17-Year-Old Girl Abused And Tortured By The Couple In Gurugram

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Gurugram Girl Abuse

Gurugram Girl Abuse

The couple, Manish Kaur and Kamal Jeet arrested for allegedly torturing and sexually abusing a minor domestic help, they have been fired, while police began searching the women’s placement agency on Thursday. They were both arrested after the social activist boldly opened up to rescue the girl who suffered horrible abuse by the couple and was beaten for five months with wooden weapons, blades, and hot tongs. The public relation agency for which the woman worked and the insurance company where her husband was employed announced their termination on Twitter. On Thursday, an official of the Jharkhand Bhawan in Delhi also visited the civil hospital to meet the girl, a health facility staff said. This 17-year-old girl from Ranchi Jharkhand was hired through a placement agency, and the couple forced her a lot to work, hitting her Mercilessly daily. According to the Complaint report by Pinky Malik, Whose in charge of the Sakthi center, along with the police, rescued the girl.

After the civil hospital report, several injuries were found on her hands, feet, and month; police informed this after they arrested Manish Khattar(36) and his wife Kamaljeet(34) on Wednesday. The residency owner said they wouldn’t allow the little girl to sleep at night and would not give her food to eat. “Her mouth was completely swollen while injury marks were everywhere on her body.” The Chief Minister of Haryana urged the Jharkhand Chief Minister’s office and the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) to support the girl’s rehabilitation.

“Chief Minister Hemant Soren is deeply anguished at this inhuman act of child torture that’s come to light. NCPCR are kindly requested to take due note of this grave matter with utmost importance and provide the necessary support to rehabilitate the girl back to her family,” his office tweeted.

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