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1,550 sq Kilometers ‘London-Sized’ Iceberg Breaks Off Of Antarctic Ice Shelf

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On Monday, A humongous iceberg the size of Greater London failed off an Antarctic ice shelf. This is the second such leave in around two years, said experimenters as they reported the latest event.

The recess occurred around the United Kingdom’s Antarctic-based Halley Research Station. Yet, as per glaciologists at the analysis station, the facility stays unchanged by the occurrence. 

Twenty-one members at the facility continue to maintain the base and use its scientific devices. As per the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), the chunk measures 1,550 square kilometers or 598 square miles. It detached from the 150-meter-thick Brunt Ice Shelf about a decade after scientists first stained the crack, known as Chasm-1.

Citing the analysis institute, Reuters reports that the iceberg calved “following years of naturally occurring cracks that finally extended across the shelf and caused the new iceberg to break free.”

“This calving event has been expected and is part of the natural behavior of the Brunt Ice Shelf,” said BAS glaciologist Dominic Hodgson. “It is not linked to climate change,” he added.

“Calving” is a natural procedure in which ice chunks from the glacier’s edge split off and are discharged into the ocean. This is the second major calving happening in two years. Earlier in May 2021, an iceberg four times the size of Abu Dhabi split off from the Ronne Ice Shelf and dropped into the ocean in Antarctica.

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