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13,302 goons arrested in a state wide sweep in Kerala

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            During a state-wide sweep to combat escalating criminal activity in the state, Kerala police apprehended a total of 13,032 goons.

The Kerala Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act has been used to file a complaint against 215 offenders.

The state-wide campaign was started in the midst of gang violence and killings, particularly in Thiruvananthapuram. Between December 28 and January 9, 13,032 offenders were apprehended, according to police figures.

During this time, police conducted searches at 16,680 sites, seizing a total of 5,987 mobile phones. The bail terms of 61 accused who failed to comply with bail conditions while on parole have been revoked.

The most arrests were recorded in Thiruvananthapuram rural, when 1,506 offenders were apprehended. In Alappuzha, 1,322 thugs were apprehended, while in Kollam, 1,054 assailants were apprehended. Palakkad had 1,023 arrests, while Kasaragod had 1,020 arrests. The majority of mobile phones, 1103 in total, were also seized in Thiruvananthapuram rural.

DGP Anil Kanth has directed that the raid continues and that all criminal elements in the state be apprehended.

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