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10 Killed,9 Injured After Fire Engulfs Apartment In China’s Xinjiang Region

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China’s Xinjiang

China’s Xinjiang

State media reported on Friday that an apartment fire in #China’s northwest #Xinjiang region led to at least 10 deaths and nine injuries. In the regional capital of #Urumqi, where nighttime temperatures have fallen below freezing, a fire broke out at a high-rise structure on Thursday. Reports state that it took longer than three hours to put out the flames. According to the China Daily newspaper, nine of the injured people were not in any danger, but ten of them died from toxic fumes. The police have started an inquiry because they don’t know what started the fire.

A week prior to the current tragedy, 38 people died in a fire at an industrial trading company in Anyang, a city in central China. The cotton fabric caught fire when welding sparks touched it. According to state media, Chinese President Xi Jinping promised to hold anyone accountable for the tragedy accountable. 63 vehicles and 240 firefighters from local fire departments were dispatched for the rescue effort. According to the state-run CGTN, a team from China’s Ministry of Emergency Management has also been sent to the location.

In China, which has struggled with government corruption and neglect, inadequate safety awareness, and aging infrastructure, frequent tragic fires and industrial accidents are prevalent. The blasting of a warehouse in Tianjin Port in August 2015 resulted in approximately 170 deaths and 700 injuries. Large quantities of poisonous chemicals, including about 700 tonnes of sodium cyanide, were stored there.

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